Grazie ad una splendida collaborazione si è potuto collegare la giovane realtà delle verdure del mio orto con la consolidata realtà nel campo del design qual è l’Istituto Europeo di Design di Milano.
Il brief di progetto dell’ultimo corso dell’anno 2009 di master di packaging design è stato lo studio di nuove forme per il trasporto delle verdure de “le verdure del mio orto”. Presentiamo ora i prodotti finali. Un ringraziamento a tutto lo staff IED, ai docenti e agli studenti.

Progetto di Laura Lopez Crespo

Progetto di Tais Salazar

This is the last project that i did for the master’s degree; it was very nice to know that it was for a company that worked in organic fruits and vegetables. Because since I was little my mother is really concerned about those things.  When I was doing this project I wanted to do something to attract the younger public. That is why I used materials and graphics that catch a younger eye.  I think that this is very important because this is the least concerned age group when it comes to food. I made two proposals, one which is a box, and one which is a bag sleeve. Both proposals are very cheap to produce, because of the little amount of clients of the company these are very capable of being done at a low price. I enjoyed this project very much, and it very interesting to work for such a peculiar company.  Even if it wasn’t very packaging design oriented, I learned many things from this project.

Progetto di Citlali Hdz

The brief of the project was to create a packaging to take the fresh vegetables from the harvest field to the costumer’s house. The idea of the four proposals I presented is to give a trendy touch to each bag so the consumer will be able to use it after they received the vegetables from le Verdure del mio Orto for doing  their shopping or going out and in that way  they can become a way of advertisement for the company. The materials used are jute, wood and cardboard so they have that traditional and country feeling. The first  concept is called “Back to the origins” because it reminds the old way of transporting food. It consist of a juta back with round wooden handles. The second proposal is called nest bag as it has de possibility to expand due to the way it is cut. It fits many paper bags inside or just one big one. The third proposal is about bringing nature into your life just by adding a very simple but beautiful detail in a normal paper bag.  Following the same concept of bringing nature into your life I proposed to change some details of the wooden box the company is now using so it can enhance the products inside and the way of delivering the vegetables into your door.

Progetto di Sara Toro

This packaging for le verdure del mio orto was inspired on the beehives because of their geometric shape and because of their capacity to store and separate o different compartments.  This packaging has the ability to store fruits and vegetables according to the needs of each specific costumer.  It has inner divisions that protect and separate fruits this separator can be arranged around the fruits as needed it can be cardboard and after each use it is thrown away.  The rest of the box can be used several times.  Another important feature is that its bottom collapses to allow easier and less costly transportation.  The die cut on the box allow the fruits an vegetables to breath and condensation to migrate from the box, this way the product is conserved better.